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Edit Cards v3: verify logging events are firing properly
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This task involves the work with answering the following question:

For Edit Cards v3, are the right logging events being fired by the right user actions/inputs at the right times?

The above is intended to help us verify the work we recently did to enhance instrumentation for Edit Cards v3 is working as we expect it. This task tracks that work: T229841

Actions and Events

⚠️Work on this task cannot begin until this section is filled in which depends on instrumentation being implemented. The work to instrument Edit Cards v3 is happening in this task: T229841
Edit Cards v3

ActionEventEvent fired (Y/N)Next Steps


  • Each "Action" listed in the in the table in the "Actions and Events" section above is tested
  • For each "Action," we know what event is fired.

Testing an event
This is an example for how to get about testing that an event is firing properly. It is borrowed from T227933.
Follow these steps to test whether the right event is firing when tapping an existing link:

  1. View the mobile version of the following page on your laptop, in Chrome:
  2. Open the inspector in Chrome
  3. Make sure you are on the “Console” tab within the inspector (you most likely will have landed in the “Element” tab)
  4. Tap an edit pencil
  5. Tap an existing link internal link
  6. Look in the browser's console to confirm the following event was fired: mf.schemaVisualEditorFeatureUse {feature: "link/internal", action: "context-show", editingSessionId: "88ef878111dc034c9c5c"}

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