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Requesting new gerrit project repository "operations/debs/prometheus-ipsec-exporter"
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Requesting new gerrit project repository "operations/debs/prometheus-ipsec-exporter" for development of a prometheus ipsec exporter package to be used by the SRE team

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@herron Done. Created as operations/debs/prometheus-ipsec-exporter.git. Inheriting permissions from operations/debs which means ldap/ops have "ownership" over that repository. Please let me know if further groups should "own" that repository.

I'll create diffusion and GitHub mirrors shortly as well.

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-releng) [2019-08-14T18:29:37Z] <hauskatze> Created new gerrit project: operations/debs/prometheus-ipsec-exporter.git # T230443