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informal wiki-iNaturalist crawl 1 during Wikimania
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iNaturalist is a citizen science project that annotates wildlife observations. In the Wikiproject iNaturalist, we levarage the many superb observation made by the iNaturalist community that are using Wikimedia compatible licenses.
As a fun project I propose a series of small walks around the campus and its surroundings where Wikimania is taking place in Stockholm, to do some iNaturalist observations.
The first one will be a 30 min to 1 hour walk on day 1 of the hackathon and will start at 17:00. Anyone interested can join in front of the main entrance of the aula magna.

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Andrawaag updated the task description. (Show Details)Wed, Aug 14, 12:35 PM

@Andrawaag - FYI, I've basically proposed the same thing for Sunday morning: T229281.

@kaldari I was aware of that ticket. This is a more spontaneous ticket, which I thought would be beneficial to your ticket since it would provide some examples that made it into research-grade observations.