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BiDirectional editing - provide a tool to resolve also nested BiDi blocks
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Author: gangleri

screen shot: BiDi gadget - resolve nested BiDi blocks - directionality RTL 01

Dear friends;

sorry that I open this issue.

It relates to MediaWiki Gadgets based on Brions and Sparklas work:

Some existing bugs are related to this topic; I could only identify
bug #12082 add « id="wpTextbox1" » to the « textarea » at « [[special:Emailuser/Foo]] »
bug #12226 add « id="wpTextbox1" » to the « textarea » at « [[special:Upload]] »

Some weeks ago (the 16nd of September, 2009, 01:48) I was realy confused about the gadget.

I will provide two screen shots of the page.
One displaying the editor box in default directionaly (RTL)
and the second displaying the editor box with directionaly override (LTR)

On emay expect that my username « לערי ריינהארט » would show the Hebrew characters in reversed order.

This is not the case because the text in that page (my signature) starts and ends with directional control characters. These are not resolved by the gadgets mentioned above.

Sparkla has made a few years ago the gadget
which beside other things resolves directionaly characters.

request: please provide a way to realy analyse / debug an existing page content

I kindly ask all Mediawiki contributors to work on an (existing editor) and include functionality to allow proper BiDi editing.

Thanks for all your support in advance. Best regards
Reinhardt Wiewe aka « לערי ריינהארט » « 'lɛʁi 'ʁɑjnhɑʁt »

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Severity: enhancement




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gangleri wrote:

screen shot : BiDi gadget - resolve nested BiDi blocks - directionality override LTR 02


gangleri wrote:

Please use to convince yourself.

gangleri wrote:

The world is more then a colection of islands
« تقنيات عربية Bidirectional development »

gangleri wrote:

screen shot : bug #21048 - BiDirectional editing - provie a tool to resolve also nested BiDi blocks 03.

This screen shot was made by Splarka.

Thanks for his time spend in the IRC chat. The first important issue is to get aware of the problem.

One solution is to

  1. recode the content of a page and resolve the hidden (also the directionality) characters


  1. allow users to set directionality to either normal or override and to set the orientation to either LTR or RTL

from the chat:
Splarka: (at this momnet / so far) MediaWiki:Gadget-EvilUnicodeConverter.js has a failsafe to prevent them being saved
Gangleri: there is no hurry at all ... the most important is that you have understood the problem

we remembered a chat some weeks ago about BiDirectionality issues; it can be compared to

Best regards Reinhardt


I don't understand what the problem is. I looked at the screenshot - that's how bidirectional is supposed to be displayed.

I'm closing this as invalid. If i missed something, please let me know and i'll reopen.

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