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My Collection page
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  • A new page which lists users' currently available collections - the Library Bundle resources listed; active authorizations for proxy partners, and sent applications for others.
  • Should denote expired (and soon-to-expire) authorizations and provide an easy way to renew.

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My collection - proxy.png (879×1 px, 62 KB)
@Samwalton9 working on the mock-up and I'm blanking on the specifics of listing individual applications. I recall we agreed on having three tabs and pagination (one each for manual access, proxy and bundle). Did we agree on introducing a filter for each of these tabs? If yes, what exactly would we want filtered? And what new information apart from the ones that are currently listed on the user profile do we want users to see on each of these tabs?

So first I think we should present this as 'Your Collection' rather than 'Your Applications'. We should probably still keep a list of applications separately to the list of authorized resources; they're different concepts but both useful to link to in different ways. Perhaps we could have the full list of applications below the pagination, and visible whatever tab the user is on? Or it could be a separate page entirely?

I'm not sure if filtering further will be useful - I think the tabs already do a good job of separating the primary buckets.

In terms of further info, on the...

Bundle tab

  • We might want to link to the 'About' page that I proposed linking to from the main page, which explains what the Bundle is and how it works. An info button or something?
  • We want a proxied link to the partner website to take the user there.

Proxy tab

  • We want to provide concrete info/links regarding account expiry and renewals. We should show users how long they have left (coloured red if it's soon to expire?), and a Renew button, without the question text.
  • If an authorization has expired we should write explicitly 'Your authorization has expired'
  • We want a proxied link to the partner website to take the user there.

Manual access

  • This should keep the 'did it expire?' question, with the renew button if renewals are available
  • It should also show an access code or link depending on the authorization method

That was kinda a dump of my thoughts on the topic, I hope it was helpful? It's probably not everything we need to consider, but hopefully a good starting point!