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Create a form to help create items about figure skating events
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Some concepts need several items on Wikidata to describe them, each time created the same way. For example, for an annual iteration of an figure skating competition, we need a general item for the competition, one for each of the ladies/men/couple/dance part, each of them further having two further items for the technical and free programs. This tool help create all these items, and link them together, with a simple form. Furthermore, it is a proof of concept for similar forms for other types of items.

Event Timeline

It works!

Process to use it is:

  • Create the main competition item with all the basic data needed (P31, 17, P276, P641, P585, P664)
  • Click on the button to show the form and fill the additional data
  • Check if the automatically created items are OK ;)

Refinements that could be made:

  • Only show the optional date if needed
  • Change program labels according to the selected discipline
  • A more experimented js dev could probably improve the code a lot.