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Carry out the 2019 fawiki elections on votewiki
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The annual elections for fawiki's Supervisory Council (akin to the Arbitration Committee) is coming up. Similar to last year (see T207560), we will be holding our annual elections on votewiki. To reduce the time pressure, I am opening this task two months in advance. We have also revised the calendar of events to eliminate the possibility of an overlap between our election and that of enwiki; this is important because votewiki's default language needs to be changed for our election, and the new timeline makes sure there is enough buffer days between the last day of our voting period and the first day of enwiki election configuration period to allow for the interface language change.

Here is a timeline of activities:

  • Oct 14 - Oct 20: Nominations:
    • Identify two scrutineers (typically, from current stewards)
    • Make the scrutineers election admins on votewiki
  • Oct 21 - Oct 24: Election setup:
    • Importing the list of eligible voters
    • Importing the list of candidates
    • Configuring the election on votewiki
    • Change the language of votewiki to Persian (fa)
  • Oct 25 - Nov 7: Voting period (no action needed)
  • Nov 8 - Nov 12: Tallying:
    • Change the language of votewiki back to English (en)
    • Scrutineers (to be identified) shall run necessary checks to remove socks, etc.
    • Output is presented in two tables (one that shows the candidates ranked by their support, and the other that shows the head-to-head comparison matrix of votes)

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