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Fully implement read/view restrictions in mediawiki core
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There should be an option to protect a page from viewing, in addition to the current edit/move/upload/create protection options

Use case:

  • Allow restricting viewing abuse filters (for T227595)
  • Allow revealing information to specific users for WikiJournals
  • T160266 (restricted, so I don't have access)
  • ...


Acceptance criteria:
Read protection or restrictions should be apply to be applied to a page or a namespace. Users must have the relevant rights to:

  • Export the page
  • View the page, the page history, or the page content
  • Edit the page
  • Move the page
  • The page should either not be transcluded, or the same view restriction should extend to its transclusion

In addition, the feature must work efficiently with any supported types of caches

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This is also an essential enterprise feature - the WMF will need to implement this anyway if they decide to offer commercial MediaWiki support (see

Other use cases include long term abuse documentation, other stuff we use private wikis for (Checkuser, arbcoms) and stuff that should be hidden but is currently public (TitleBlacklist).

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Given the need to restrict transclusion as a work-around, and to avoid burdening the caching, I would suggest that read-protected pages not be transcludable at all, rather than only being shown on inclusion if the user has the relevant rights. A first implementation may only allow the protection to be for an entire namespace (intended for extensions adding namespaces), and require that protected namespaces also be part of wgNonincludableNamespaces (per DefaultSettings comment, "Among other things, this may be useful to enforce read-restrictions which may otherwise be bypassed by using the template mechanism.") since as far as I know there isn't currently a way to exclude pages on a page-by-page basis from transclusion.

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