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Implement "Replace with a new citation" button on templates that could not be adapted
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Missing feature from T203160

"Replace with a new citation" will open the new citation dialog (in the same way as if the user clicked on "Cite"), to allow inserting a new citation that will replace the missing reference.

Examples of the issue:

  • Template used inside reference in source article is not available in target language wiki
    • This is easiest to find. For example, many wikis don't have Cite podcast and we can translate second paragraph of en:Boltzmann brain to French to see this in action.
  • No parameters are successfully mapped
    • For this, I would look at Cite journal template on Esperanto Wikipedia. A lot of its parameters are using non-English names and we need to find usage where "url" and "doi" params are not specified. I suggest article about year 2014 and "Filmoj" section, with English as target language. Second reference in that paragraph fits the description.
  • Some parameters are mapped to target language reference template, but all are empty
    • We again look at Esperanto Cite journal, but this time use Esperanto as target language. I found Cite Journal in en:Vaudeville inside first paragraph under "Immigrant America" section. That usage does not specify "url", but specifies "doi", which is empty in source.