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References using template:Cite arXiv would be corrupted
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Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Go to Content Translation Tools.
  2. Select New Translation for article "Plasma stability" from en to fa (پایداری پلاسما)
  3. Translate the 3rd paragraph under subsection "Plasma instabilities" (It has two citations)
  4. The first reference using "cite arXiv" template would be corrupted in the translation output

Actual Results:
The reference appears as:
A bot will complete this citation soon. Click here to jump the queue MISSING LINK.

Expected Results:

The first reference should appear as:
Gsponer, Andre (2004-09-29). "Physics of high-intensity high-energy particle beam propagation in open air and outer-space plasmas". arXiv:physics/0409157.

See fa:Special:Diff/26822673 for reference.