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Set up proper prefix configuration for RDF export on Commons
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Right now Commons are able to produce RDF, but prefixes are all wrong:

wdata:M40538870 a schema:Dataset ;
	schema:about wd:M40538870 ;
wd:M40538870 p-d:P180 wds:M40538870-D3B1F1D8-C2E4-4C7B-B562-721D6C94CF25 .

wds:M40538870-D3B1F1D8-C2E4-4C7B-B562-721D6C94CF25 a wikibase:Statement ;
	wikibase:rank wikibase:NormalRank ;
	ps-d:P180 wd-d:Q818891 .

Instead, it should be:

sdcdata:M40538870 a schema:Dataset ;
	schema:about sdc:M40538870 ;
sdc:M40538870 p:P180 sdcs:M40538870-D3B1F1D8-C2E4-4C7B-B562-721D6C94CF25 .

sdcs:M40538870-D3B1F1D8-C2E4-4C7B-B562-721D6C94CF25 a wikibase:Statement ;
	wikibase:rank wikibase:NormalRank ;
	ps:P180 wd:Q818891 .

Note that underlying URIs are good, just the prefix names are wrong. We need to set up configs so that they are correct.

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Change 531317 had a related patch set uploaded (by Smalyshev; owner: Smalyshev):
[operations/mediawiki-config@master] Setup RDF configuration for Commons Beta with correct prefixes

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