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Improve map and calendar filter function
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Currently, filtering events on the map and calendar via tags leads the user to a list view of events. Filtering with tags should keep the user on map and calendar views with filtered results.

Events should be easily able to be filtered by tag, date, and location within a specified distance, with notifications configurable for when certain criteria are met.

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elappen-WMF created this task.

Users should also be able to filter events by date and within a given date range.

The filtering can already be done, it's the links that are not correct. For example, these both work as expected, with the tags parameter:

I don't know if intersections are possible (as they are in the list interface, e.g. ).

And date filtering too, with the start and end parameters:

Another cool thing is that tag-filtering will soon be available for .ics feeds as well:

This is great, thanks! I saw your comment last night on and was so relieved to see this is already possible. We just have to update the links, look into intersections, and figure out an obvious way to allow people to add start and end parameters.

Adding Hang as a subscriber to get her take on exploring and implementing these changes.

To further articulate on the task description, users should be able to easily see events that are nearby and configure notifications based on that filter, to be notified whenever an event is posted within their specified range of geographical distance.