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Split error "customcssjsprotected" into separate messages for JS and CSS
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Since r54153 there are two user rights for editing user css or js.

Maybe split the error code for consistency, too.

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My request was for api, maybe it is easy to do this for the ui, too. I do not know, thats why I change back.


MW splits the right, but not the error.

$errors[] = array('customcssjsprotected'); is returned by title, whether js or css

No way for the API to differentiate, so nothing we can do.

We can split the right in core though. Repurposing bug for that.

Niklas, has this been changed in core now or something?

Since when API stopped being part of the core? Not i18n but though, feel free to recategorize.

I was meaning, had the errors been split in core :)