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Add new items to Special:Interwiki on Incubator
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Please add the items "incubatorplus" and "incplus" to the Special:Interwiki map at Incubator. They should both point to$1

Reason: "Incubator Plus", the place where we send projects that are ineligible to be created at Incubator, has been moved to Miraheze. (Actually, the current version on Wikia/Fandom was duplicated to Miraheze, but we're not encouraging people to use Wikia/Fandom any more.) We'd like to be able to link directly there.


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MarcoAurelio added subscribers: Legoktm, MarcoAurelio.

This has to go through Meta. But as @Legoktm stated on
m:Talk:Interwiki_map; Miraheze seems to be administered by a WMF globally
banned user, so we will not add it.