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Remove Flow from the Reference desk on the Persian Wikipedia
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Per consensus, please remove Flow from ویکی‌پدیا:پرسش‌های متفرقه (Wikipedia:Reference desk) so that it can be redirected to another page.

Please note that the discussion/consensus has nothing to do with Flow, and is about merging two project pages. However, Flow is a hindrance here. If that goal can be achieved without disabling Flow, so be it.

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Stewards can move flow board. Requests should go to

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(I don't see anything stalled in this task.)

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Per T231156#5436159 sounds like a task for a steward, so marking as external to Growth-Team.

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Done by @Trizek-WMF here.

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Changing assignee, per reality.

@Urbanecm Thank you!

Just wanted to explain that the assignee was chosen by the system automatically when I closed the task. I never claimed this task. Maybe the software should be fixed.

[off-topic] @4nn1l2: That's intentional. If you resolve a task it means that you resolved a task. You do not get set as assignee if you close a task as invalid or declined. For any questions about Phab itself, please use - thanks.

[offtopic] I understand, and as @Aklapper says, that's intentional. However, you can change that by manually chosing an assignee and marking a task as resolved in one go. You can select more actions in the Add Action... dropdown.