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documentation for configuring sitelink section on Items for 3rd party installations
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As an admin of a 3rd party Wikibase installation I want to be able to properly configure the sitelink section on Items in order to make them fit my purpose.

We've been asked if it is possible to remove the sitelinks completely for an install that doesn't make use of them.
Additionally people want good documentation to set them up with the wikis they want as clients. (Usually one client that is different from the repo or the client is the same wiki as the repo.)

Acceptance criteria:

  • Good, clear documentation for sitelink setup for 3rd party admins with a focus on the three most commons scenarios (no sitelinks, sitelink to the same wiki, sitelink to one other wiki)

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Removing from the campsite, as this will be done in 2020?

We discussed this at length in T218282. Is the current documentation in the installation manual not clear enough?
In that section of the manual we wrote a clear explanation of what a SiteLInk is, how to set them up and how to disable them.
It seems to me it answers all the questions mentioned here.

Dear @Lydia_Pintscher I would work on this task, as I believe the documentation is pretty much there and only needs minimum adjustment.
But I need one clarification before starting: in what form should this documentation be written and where should it be placed?
Are wikitext and the Installation manual ok?

Sounds good! Can you work with @danshick-wmde and @Addshore for the details?
In general I think we should expand/improve the existing documentation that is on-wiki and not create redundant stuff, yeah.

I'm still very much coming up to speed on what docs exist, but I would love to be kept in the loop on this task.

Dear @danshick-wmde , just as a brief introduction, please be informed that I started about one year ago to work on my own WikiBase instance: as I was an absolute beginner I scanned all the documentation I could find.
Along the way I found myself stuck several times in configuring WikiBase and, where I personally found the documentation lacking information, I tried to integrate it with information to help fellow beginners like me.

So I am working on this, albeit very slowly, as mentioned in other tickets:

I read in this ticket that it is required to provide documentation for SiteLink configuration, but, as far as I can tell, we already fixed this T218282 so I am a little puzzled.
I am wondering: is that documentation not up to standard? It does not seems to me to be the case as answers to all the requirements.
Is it not in the right place? I am not sure if we intend to keep putting all the information in the "Installation" and "Configuration" pages on or if we want to setup another location or another standard for it. for instance, is another resources I found somewhat useful, but information there are not always complete and not always up-to-date with edits on MediaWiki documentation.

Potentially this task could be closed immediately, as far as I can see, but the fact the the problem was raised in first place, led me to believe that maybe the current documentation is not up to a wanted content and format standard.
IMHO we should first of all clarify such a standard, before proceed writing documentation.

Sorry for the long post and thanks for listening to me.
I am and will be very happy on contributing here where I can.

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This documentation exists:

I believe it covers the acceptance criteria except for "sitelinks to the same wiki", which is something I don't understand. If someone within earshot of this ticket can act as subject-matter expert for that subtopic, I will assign this task to myself and write up your explanation in the document above.

An example of a sitelink to the same wiki can be seen here for example: It has a sitelink to a project page on Wikidata. Similar situations happen for help pages, templates, categories and Lua modules for example.