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link in notification mail opens the wikipedia app with the wrong link
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I was notified by mail that someone left a note on my user discussion page.
I opend the mail on my iPhone and clicked the link that should open my user discussion page (Button "Nachricht ansehen" - see screenshot of Mail app): URL:

Since I am on my phone, it opens the Wikipedia iOS app, and then goes to a page that seems to be the article page about a person bearing my name:
But not quite: it only shows the first sentence, and then the links section. Additionaly, there is the subline "user talk", see second screenshot (inside the iOS Wikipedia app)

If I open the link in the browser (long tap, open in Safari), it shows what it should, it opens my discussion page.

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Adding Notifications tag, because it appears to be related.

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Moving this to Needs QA as the problem appears to have been fixed (potentially upstream?)

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Looks good on 6.6.0 (1706) however, it is just opening to my main user talk page and not into the message directly. Assuming that's ok, it good from my side on 6.6.0 (1706)

@cmadeo Popping this into design review for the above behavior

@ABorbaWMF Yeah, it's definitely not idea, but it's closer to the behavior that we have on web so I think it's okay