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MWDumper loads titles but revisions aren't accessible
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I tried using MWDumper to load XML of Wiktionary dump to my private Wiki, with the following command:
java -jar mwdumper.jar --format=sql:1.25 wiktionary.xml | mysql -u root my_wiki
It loaded all the data to DB but in the actual wiki I only see the pages' titles, no content, and when I edit, I get "The revision #0 of the page named 'Foo' does not exist" error. I found that this error occurs "if page.page_latest links to a revision with an invalid rev_page" but when I check DB this isn't the case. I did notice other issues on DB: "page_is_new" was 0 even though there was no previous version loaded in this dump, and also, rev_parent_id was null. I changed those manually but no avail.

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Which xml dump file did you import, can you provide a link? And can you let us know the version of MediaWiki you have installed? Also, can you provide the full stack trace from the error output? Thank you. All pages, current versions only.
I am using MediaWiki 1.33.0
You can see the error here:
I'm not sure how should I check full stack trace of it.

"each revision must have a "main" slot that corresponds to what is without MCR the singular page content." (Requests for comment/Multi-Content Revisions)

Since those tables are new and the tool is old, I guess this is why I got error on every import I did using the tool.
-Your guess is correct. This tool is outdated. --Ciencia Al Poder

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mwdumper is no more able to process dump generated since MediaWiki 1.31 (released in June 2018). The tool started in 2005 and is no more maintained, it is thus being archived, see T351228 for reference.