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Make possible (or document how to) for a gadget to apply WikiEditor to a custom textarea
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When WikiEditor loads on the edit page, it finds the textarea #wpTextbox1 and applies various toolbars to it.

[..] Thanks to getDefaultConfig(), wikiEditor could have been used for any textarea of choice. I had to hardcode the toolbar config like this:, adding 42KB to the code size. Please tell is there a nicer way to overcome this.


  • Document how to do this in a different way today.
  • Or; Make it possible again in the way it was before, by exposing the defaultConfig via a public property ( patch-welcome )

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ext.wikiEditor already requires everything this requests -- it just doesn't export it. It'd be trivial to do that so that you could just do mw.loader.require('ext.wikiEditor').toolbarConfig or similar.