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Unusable emails addresses
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There is a belief that there is a current task addressing this already.
However, we've just had an instance that made us think of it again.

How can we transform obvious errors in email address? Elliot mentioned that there is already something in place on the donation form to help with 1 character errors.

Possibilities include a Civi extension that lets you do a bulk search-and-replace on email domain names, e.g. gmail.con->

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NNichols created this task.Tue, Aug 27, 2:51 PM
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I've been testing this extension today

It hasn't been updated for a couple of years so I've put up a few patches to the writer -

But it seems it might meet out needs - you configure a list of changes to be made & then you can do a search & you have an action to correct those emails - it creates an activity which is a nice idea and it has some smart ideas about how to update the emails (top level domain, second level, combined).

It's possible to have the search action with or without automatic updating enabled. If automatic updating IS enabled it applies the fixes to any newly created emails (but does not touch emails being updated). I would need to check performance on this & we'd need to see how people feel about it. We can also turn it on & off easily if we want to experiment

Still to do

  • do a security audit of the code
  • try getting the tests included in our test suite.
  • modernise the way the code deals with settings
  • see how it performs on staging

The extension author will probably come online overnight as he is in the UK so I'll see whether he is encouraging PRs or whether i should go more down the forking route.