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Evaluate our need and use of Nextcloud
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  • Do we need Nextcloud, or could we use Drive instead?
  • What do we store in Nextcloud? Are there any documents we do not want to save in Drive?
  • How much time and resources goes to running Nextcloud?
  • Are there any functions in Nextcloud that Drive lacks?

Scheduled for October 8th

Event Timeline

  • Are there any functions in Nextcloud that Drive lacks?

In T234787: Figure out if it's possible to sync files with Nextcloud I looked at syncing files on Nextcloud, which can be done using their client. Google Drive have a similar thing called File Stream which is not available for Linux. This issue came up during a developer meeting regarding working with large amounts of/large files locally.

Scheduled for October 8th

@Evelina-Bang-WMSE, Did we reschedule this meeting?

Scheduled for October 8th

@Evelina-Bang-WMSE, Did we reschedule this meeting?

We have now, it's October 22.

The Nextcloud server is running low on disk space. It still have 200+ MB left, so it should make it until after the meeting. If we want to keep Nextcloud after that, we should give it some more space.

For reference, the cost for disk space is 0.0025 SEK/GB/h. Backup is 0.003 SEK/GB/h, but only for the actual space used, I believe.

Lokal_Profil added subscribers: Jopparn, Lokal_Profil.

Notes from the meeting are here.

Need to run the conclusions by @Jopparn who couldn't make the meeting

@Jopparn @Evelina-Bang-WMSE @Sebastian_Berlin-WMSE Did you jointly take a last look at this while I was away? If so were there any conclusions? If not do you, John, have any objections to our conclusion/recommendation?

I haven't looked at it since our meeting. I thought we were done for now, barring any questions from @Jopparn.

John has looked at it and agrees with the conclusion.

@Evelina-Bang-WMSE Can I ask you to write up a cleaned up version of our notes document that can serve as both as a formal beslutsunderlag for John and as a reference point when people ask why in the future.

@Evelina-Bang-WMSE @Sebastian_Berlin-WMSE we should probably set up a separate task for coordinating the actual transfer of the files so that it is done in an orderly fashion (with minimum impact on data purges/monthly reports/membership drives etc. As well as containing a few thought on how to bes handle duplicate files/file structures etc.

Meeting on the 15th to plan how the migration will work and polish the final text