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Design a new, responsive on-wiki landing page template for WLM
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We could use a nice responsive Page-template that can be adapted for the local Wiki-Loves-Monuments landing pages.

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This open task is tagged with Wiki-Loves-Monuments 2019 which was a year ago. If this task was/is resolved, then please update the task status. If this task was not resolved but is still valid, then please update the project tags to either general Wiki-Loves-Monuments, or to the Wiki-Loves-Monuments (2020) project tag if you plan to actively work on this task in the year 2020. Thanks a lot!

Boldly removing WLM 2019 and setting Wiki-Loves-Monuments (2020). (Feel free to remove or correct.)

This open task is tagged with WLM 2020, which was last year. Please either set the status of this task to resolved/declined, or add an active project tag so it can be found when looking at an active (not: 2020) project - thanks a lot!