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Curator gets editors count
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"As a Curator, I want to get a count of the unique editors of a page, so that I can understand the diversity of contribution to the page."

GET /page/{title}/history/counts/editors

Return summary of information in the edit history.

Request body: none

Notable request headers: none
Status codes:
200 - OK
404 - no such page

Notable response headers: none

Body: JSON, object with following fields
count: total number of unique editors

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I realized if our client developers are willing to make 5 API calls, I can go to the trouble of actually documenting 5 sets of requirements.

eprodromou added a subscriber: BPirkle.

@BPirkle when I look at I see "count" and not "editors". I think this has come up before. It looks like we have count in the documentation, and I don't particularly mind in this instance since we're mostly wrapping the integer in an object because OWASP says to.

I've updated the user story here just so we're used to it.