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Clarification of regions of Western Australia maps for identification of regions for scope of usage by Wiki Club West
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Description and are found to be based upon pre-digital mapping ideas that make clarification of the borders and the delineation of the areas for understanding scope of the regions of western australia difficult and almost impossible to clarify. A base map (or whatever constitutes maps of each region) would facilitate a more efficient understanding for the operation of wikimedia australia, and its western australian arm 'wiki club west' as to where the scope of each of the regions begin and end, and also on english wikipedia and commons, a better standard of mapping would enhance the information relating to the credibility of the documented regions

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@JarrahTree: Assuming this task is about Wikimedia Australia, hence adding project tag so others can find this task when searching for tasks under that project or looking at that project workboard.

It was really required for #Wiki Club West *as a part of* Wikimedia
Australia, I have had no contact with editors from other states as to
whether they have any ideas, and have no idea if other state projects will
ever actually utilise it ( regional breakups of state information) on
board - as there is considerable variation between states as to how the
wiki clubs or state groups are active, or actually perceive their scope
and level of actacive ivity within their state - in the specific case of
Wiki Club West, we actually do have concerns to standardise all regions and
utilise the regions as a means of narrowing and working regional
information , we already have 'Wheatbelt", Kimberley, and Pilbara regions
established in english wikipedia, Australia project, Western Australian sub

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It sounds like there should be some coordination with adding region boundaries to OSM. I'm not working on doing that at the moment, so unassigning myself.

If this is for WikiClubWest administration purposes, would a KML layer for Google Earth/Google Maps suffice? This would allow allocation of a locality boundary or coordinate point to a region. I can send you such a file if this would be suitable.

Regarding OSM, PSMA have signed the waiver for the Administrative Boundaries to be imported, but I'm not sure if the region data is in that dataset.

Another thing which may help, which is on my list of projects to do, is to allocate WA localities to their regions in Wikidata. I'll have a look at the state of that project this weekend and see if I can finish it off.

very interesting - other states regions are as important - some states are
very poorly done for regions

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Thanks to all involved, - this is now operational and very usefull