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Wiki Club West and other Wiki Clubs in Australia context and locations of activity within domain of Wikimedia Australia
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Wikimedia Australia is well endowed with connections and contacts in Australia. However some locations have, or had, groups of people have meetups over the last 10 years plus, it would be good if a modifiable and more flexible way of ascertaining locations and context in the states of australia, whether a more adaptable map of australia can show full picture of australia and locations of active and former locations of meetings, events. A possible implementation would be linkages to where the two ''WikiData Tour Down Under'' tours might be mapped and details. Other usage might be identifying states and membership of WMAU for reports, or editors who are not au fait with the component states and territories of australia, and a number of uses in commons and wikipedias...

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@JarrahTree: Assuming this task is about Wikimedia Australia, hence adding project tag so others can find this task when searching for tasks under that project or looking at that project workboard.

Sorry about the delay in reply to this matter - Australia as a site of events and exercises does not necessarily mean ''exactly'' wikimedia australia, not all events are necessarily tied in with its support or endorsement, Australia also does have organisations that have collaborated with wikimedia australia - so the problem is that wikimedia australia is not necessarily the total defining term - but australia the continent yes. I do hope I do not sound like a tautologist on this - please ask further if I can help in any way on this matter

What needs to be done to resolve this?

JarrahTree claimed this task.

The original plan was for events occurring in Australia to be identified by location, to tie in spatially
on an open street map base - and the page ''Drilldown events -Wikimedia Australia'' is a sign that the process of dealing with the data has been successfully resolved. Thank you Sam Wilson