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Newcomer tasks: investigate ability to identify articles with empty sections
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In T229430, we looked at which maintenance templates are available in our target wikis and how many articles are tagged with them. We have a couple concerns:

  • Although thousands of articles have maintenance templates, we're concerned that once narrowing to topics of interest, there won't be enough articles for newcomers to work on.
  • The target wikis don't all have the same templates. For instance, while they all have some copy edit templates, only Korean uses a template to tag articles that have empty sections.

Because of those concerns, it is worth investigating our ability to supplement the maintenance templates. One potential approach to investigate is the ability to detect articles that have empty sections. This is the category in Korean Wikipedia tracking articles that have this condition:

A heuristic to identify these might be to find articles that have a section header followed by a section header of the same level, without any content in between.

As an output, it would be good to know how many articles in each of our target wikis fit these sorts of rules. In Korean Wikipedia, we would also want to know how many do and don't overlap with the articles having this category:

Event Timeline

I'm moving this to Ready for Development, because I think it's likely we'll want this ability at some point, and other newcomer task tickets aren't ready yet.

Moving back to Upcoming Work because this is not necessary for Newcomer Tasks v1.0.