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Duplicate blank nodes on edited properties
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Part of property description is a clause that looks like this:

wdno:P3418 a owl:Class ;
	owl:complementOf _:genid1 .

_:genid1 a owl:Restriction ;
	owl:onProperty wdt:P3418 ;
	owl:someValuesFrom owl:Thing .

Unfortunately, due to bnodes involved it looks like we're not handling it right when property is edited. This query:

  ?x owl:onProperty wdt:P3418 

returns 16 results instead of one.

And also on references:

ref:6c8b1cd1c3cd814ab99e3c40580f12024ceff994 a wikibase:Reference ;
	pr:P370 _:genid9 ;
	pr:P855 _:genid10 .
select ?o where {wdref:6c8b1cd1c3cd814ab99e3c40580f12024ceff994 pr:P370 ?o}

returns 6 results instead of 1.

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Looks like new updater actually handles it better, but we need to verify that.

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