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Document project setup in FortNox
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Back in the CiviCRM days we had instructions for which steps to go through when an externally funded project got approved.

In FortNox we have so far limited ourselves to creating a Kostanadsställe and Projekt with the given name and assigning it an id.

There is however also the possibility of setting start and end dates, along with linking the project to the funding body.

Fortnox_project_details (465×1 px, 40 KB)

And suggests that it might also be possible to set the budget for the project in FortNox.

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The main question to answer is how useful it might be having this info in Fortnox:


  • Having start/end date will make it easier to ensure no costs are attached to the project by mistake (from within FortNox)
  • Attaching the funding body might make it easier to match incoming payments to projects (from within FortNox)
  • Adding a budget might
    • be a further way of raising alarm bells if a project starts to over/under spend.
    • be visible when exporting a project report. Making it easy to compare actual spending to budgeted spending form within the same document.


  • Another place to update it if things change
  • The current set-up is done entirely by Opad, some of these steps might be ones we (have to?) deal with ourselves.

@Lokal_Profil This might be worth finalizing before we start the project for 2021.