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Make entries in the search suggestions dropdown actual hyperlinks
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The search suggestions which appear in a dropdown when the user starts typing the page title are probably the most effective way of locating something quickly; however, you can only use them to open the requested article in the same tab. I've often found myself in a position where I want to check what a related article says, and - because it had a long name, or I didn't remember the exact wording or spelling - the search suggestion was by far the simplest method of finding it, but I didn't want to navigate away from the current page (which might have been an edit window with changes I didn't want to lose).

Since the search suggestions are not real links but divs which simulate link behavior on a click event, one cannot middle-click them to open in a new tab; I have to select the right one with the keypad, press the right arrow to copy the text to the search box, cut it, open another tab, type then paste it - rather troublesome, especially if one has to do it frequently. If the suggestions were real HTML links, middle click (and Ctrl-click, bookmarking from right-click menu, and all the other UI methods browsers normally provide for links) would work normally, and I see no disadvantage to it.

Version: 1.16.x
Severity: enhancement



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Assigning to Trevor for further comment (search box is under development)

rd232 wrote:

*** Bug 28759 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

I was going to open a similar bug, but glad I don't have to :)

I often use the search for simple titles but want to keep my page and open it in a tab. But neither the title suggestions nor the "Search for <phrase>..." at the bottom can be opened in a new tab.

Change I87940ca8 (linked in previous comment) merged.