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Server side upload failed with "overwriting failed (at recordUpload stage)"
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[urbanecm@mwmaint1002 ~/upload]$ mwscript importImages.php --wiki=commonswiki --user=Yann --overwrite .
Importing Files

शिल्पकार चरित्रकोश खंड २ - साहित्य.pdf exists, overwritinfailed. (at recordUpload stage)

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[urbanecm@mwmaint1002 ~/upload]$

Since this doesn't explain the bug, I'm creating a subtask and tagging Operations to have a SRE who can help me with finding/fixing the issue.

PS: What is the preferred way to report this to the SREs by the SREs? I tried tagging Operations at the upload task, and creating a new one, and the former didn't get an attention from the clinic duty SRE. While that might be that SRE's mistake, I'd like to know what is preferred, to stick with one (preferred) way. Also, are logs explaining the bug in logstash (and I don't see them), or are they excluded from logstash? In another words, can deployers/those with logstash access learn the issue themselves without SREs?

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jbond added a subscriber: jbond.Sep 9 2019, 9:29 AM

@Urbanecm creating this un-triaged task with the Operations tag should be enough to bring it to the attention of the clinic duty, this task must have slipped through the gaps sorry about that. In relation to your specific issue. i just tried re-running your command at it worked without issue

[urbanecm@mwmaint1002 ~/upload]$ mwscript importImages.php --wiki=commonswiki --user=Yann --overwrite .
Importing Files

Importing शिल्पकार चरित्रकोश खंड २ - साहित्य.pdf...done.

Found: 1
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Are you able to provide more information on how to troubleshoot this issue

Thanks John

jbond triaged this task as Medium priority.Sep 9 2019, 9:30 AM
Urbanecm closed this task as Invalid.Sep 11 2019, 4:49 PM

Then it's probably some temporary issue. I'll let you know if it re-appears.