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language names in Dutch missing at Wikidata
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In Wikidata on items, the left column of the description area (where labels, descriptions and aliases are added) shows the language. With my settings for Dutch, most of the languages there are in Dutch, but some are not and shown in English instead. (expand example + click All entered languages/Alle ingevoerde talen) Two examples are:

  • pt-br Brazilian Portuguese -> Braziliaans-Portugees (submit this to CLDR)
  • be-tarask Belarusian (Taraškievica orthography) -> Wit-Russisch (Tarasjkevitsa orthografie) Can be added to LocalNames

Where can I change this? Or can this be changed?

Review June/July 2021:

Tasked noted on Wikidata:De_kroeg#language_names_in_Dutch (June 15)

Other items that may be worth checking: Q7411, Q55

Other missing languages to add:

  • abq Abaza ->Abazijns
  • abs Ambonese Malay -> Ambonees
  • aeb-arab Tunisian Arabic (Arabic script) -> Tunesisch Arabisch (Arabisch schrift) Can only be added to LocalNames
  • aoc Pemon -> Pemón
  • azb South Azerbaijani -> Zuid-Azerbeidzjaans Can only be added to LocalNames
  • bcl Central Bikol -> Centraal-Bikol
  • bfi British Sign Language -> Britse gebarentaal
  • bjn Banjar -> Bandjarees
  • bqi Bakhtiari -> Bachtiarisch
  • bsk Burushaski -> Burushaski
  • byq Basay -> Basay
  • bxr Russia Buriat -> Russisch-Boerjatisch
  • bzg Babuza -> Babuza
  • bzs Brazilian Sign Language -> Braziliaanse gebarentaal
  • cal Carolinian -> Caroliniaans
  • ckv Kavalan -> Kavalaans
  • cnr Montenegrin -> Montenegrijns
  • de-at Austrian German -> Oostenrijks Duits (can also be submitted to CLDR)
  • de-ch Swiss High German -> Zwitsers Hoogduits (can also be submitted CLDR)
  • dlm Dalmatian -> Dalmatisch
  • eml Emilian-Romagnol -> Emiliaans-Romagnools
  • en-gb British English -> Brits-Engels (can also be submitted CLDR)
  • en-ca Canadian English -> Canadees-Engels (can also be submitted CLDR)
  • fr-be Belgian French -> Belgisch-Frans
  • gcf Guadeloupe-Martinique Creole French -> Guadeloups Creools
  • kae Ketagalan -> Ketangalaans
  • lat-vul Vulgar Latin -> Vulgair Latijn
  • sr-ec Serbian (Cyrillic script) -> Servisch (cyrillisch schrift) Can only be added to LocalNames
  • sr-el Serbian (Latin script) -> Servisch (Latijns schrift) Can only be added to LocalNames
  • tt-cyrl Tatar (Cyrillic script) -> Tataars (cyrillisch schrift) Can only be added to LocalNames
  • tzl Talossan -> Talossaans
  • wls Wallisian -> Wallisiaans
  • yrk Nenets -> Nenets
  • xpu Punic -> Punisch

Changes are either in LocalNamesNl or CLDR. For the later, one can contact them directly.

An overview is at Help:Wikimedia_language_codes/lists/all/in_nl

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Bugreporter added a subscriber: Bugreporter.

Brazilian Portuguese -> Braziliaans-Portugees

This should be fixed in CLDR, as pt-br exists in CLDR but does not have a Dutch name

Belarusian (Taraškievica orthography) -> Wit-Russisch (Tarasjkevitsa orthografie)

Either add it to CLDR, or add to a file (to be created) LocalNamesNl.php at

Esc3300 added a subscriber: Esc3300.

@Romaine if you want to do a list of names, we can add it.

Esc3300 renamed this task from Labels for languages missing in Wikidata to Dutch labels for languages missing in Wikidata.Jun 15 2021, 4:32 AM
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change priority given the absence of a list to update (we could change the two mentioned above).

You may find some missing names using nl:Module:Lang, function name_from_code.

Ideally we would have a list here of language names in Dutch you feel are missing, similar to "pt-br" mentioned above.

If it appears in English instead of Dutch at it's missing.

Mbch331 added a subscriber: Mbch331.

Added missing translations. Language codes that are present in CLDR need to be updated upstream, language codes not present in CLDR can be added to LocalNamesNl.php

For codes present in CLDR, but undefined, I think both can be done as updates at CLDR can take several years. For the person who created the task doesn't mind waiting, we could wait for CLDR.

Esc3300 renamed this task from Dutch labels for languages missing in Wikidata to language names in Dutch missing at Wikidata.Jul 2 2021, 10:54 AM
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There is now a list at Help:Wikimedia_language_codes/lists/all/in_nl that can help figure out what's missing.

Another approach could to start from a more complete version of "LocalNames" to complete LocalNamesNl.php:

Values there complete: