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Feature request: Gadget to hide imperial units
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I would like a Gadget, in that would allow me to prevent an article from generating certain units when it uses the {{convert}} template

I live in Canada where we are constantly torn between the US and the rest of the world on this. For example I tell people how fast I was going in km/h but if you ask me how much I weight in kilograms, I would have to divide by two. I don't want to learn imperial units. Accidentally seeing them in articles makes me more familiar with them. Since this information is stored in forms like {{convert|74|to|85|m}} I'm thinking it might be possible to disable it.

Either just have a "don't show imperial unit conversions" checkbox or have a list of all the units and a check box next to each one individually. For example, I still want to see naval speeds in knots. If the Convert template is given in imperial units (eg. {{convert|5|in}} ) then you should display them regardless of the setting.

Writing a Chrome extension for this is nigh impossible as this information is lost in the HTML.

Sorry for not tagging this, but the tag search for "wikipedia" and "request" was useless. I scrolled through like 60 list items and couldn't find anything.

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This would be trivial if appropriate HTML was added to and extremely unreliable as things currently stand (you would basically have to run a regex substitution across the entire page).

With that said, the Gadgets tag on Phabricator is for the Gadgets extension, not individual gadgets on-wiki.

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Proposed onwiki at
Stalling until a script can target the template

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It seems that my proposal on-wiki didn't have support. I suggest asking at For now, phabricator is not the right place for this request

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