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There is no easy way currently for supporting the development of MediaWiki features / extensions important for one's work. Integrating some kind of crowdfunding functionality into could enable more community-funded work.

Payment processing is scary and expecting a Wikimedia entity to do that is probably not feasible; also, building a decent crowdfunding site is hard. Fortunately, several opensource-focused crowdfunding sites exist (e.g. Liberapay, Open Collective, Bountysource, FreedomSponsors) and might be easily integrated - the functionality would not be terribly different from embedding an external RSS feed.

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A specific way to make this topic move forward is to throw funding or dev time (Ruby on Rails app) to Bountysource to finish[1] supporting Phabricator.

[1] it already can extract the name of a Phabricator ticket so there is definitely some code already there.

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