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Visualization of major technical contribution audiences and areas
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Please note: This is an initial draft. Need to answer some more items below over the next days. Filing this task already now for better planning.

A Technical Contributors Map which documents the major audiences of the WMF Technical Engagement team

  • What are the things everyone in the project should know?
    • Technical contributors contribute to many different technical areas in the Wikimedia movement (location examples: Code repositories located in Wikimedia Git/Gerrit and Github; Tools hosted on Toolforge and on Cloud VPS; templates, modules, user scripts and gadgets hosted on wiki pages). The WMF Technical Engagement team supports these volunteer developers.

Project details

  • What do you want to achieve (goals)?
    • Make everybody (but especially technically interested people) have more awareness and a better understanding of our diverse technical areas that anyone could contribute to / get involved in.
    • Help us guide how we prioritize projects and focus in our team.
  • Who is your target audience (be specific)?
    • _______
  • How do you want your audience to feel?
    • _______
  • What medium do you have in mind and how do you want to distribute it?
    • _______
  • How are you measuring your success (key performance indicators)?
    • _______
  • When is this due?
    • Ideally by September 30th, 2019 (I guess if you have no resources then we could also try ourselves, but it just won't look as good. :)

Event Timeline

I have recently made the transition to be more focused on Space and so my support tasks should in service of Wikimedia Space.
If you are definitely creating a blog post around and with this graphic, then I think I will be available to support your request - this assumes that you will have all your content ready for me to translate into visuals.
As you have maybe seen with T224271: Visualization of Technical Events Ecosystem around Wikimania or T219547: Wikimedia Hackathon 2019: Design a flowchart , sometimes a rough sketch can really help speed things up and more importantly get you to something that is useful for you.

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Hi @hdothiduc, I apologize for the belated update (vacations).
We will have to postpone this by a few weeks, so I'm going to remove the 2019-09-30 Due Date from this task.

After a conversation with @Bmueller we will first try to gather the data that we have in a table (plus better identify the unknowns), and only after that consider a potential visualization. The intention here remains to improve support processes based on how many contributors we have in which areas.

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