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Add ⓧ buttons in the form input fields to make text deletion easier
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Following up on my earlier suggestion to document things...

We could switch these to an OOJS-UI SearchInputWidget, probably. Easier for external than internal, because internal uses mw.widgets.TitleSearchWidget and we might need to make sure there wouldn't be any side-effects there.

I got a patch merged to OOUI that makes SearchWidget use a SearchInputWidget rather than a TextInputWidget. Mediawiki core's TitleSearchWidget extends SearchWidget, so that means that when the chain of dependency updates finishes going through, our internal-link search is going to have the ⓧ in its input.

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Still to be decided:

  • What fields should receive the "ⓧ"? Search inputs? All text input fields?
  • What are the patterns/rules that define what fields should receive the "ⓧ"?

From the patch where we started discussing this:

My initial thought was that anything with autocomplete ("search", in practice) should definitely have it, just because it's going to be fairly easy to accidentally drop a long string in and then want to change the entire thing.

As a guiding principle, I'd think any field where a _likely_ change is "I want to replace this entire thing". For URLs like this, it seems very plausible that the most common editing pattern is really going to be clearing it and then pasting the new version in, even if it's technically a small 1 character change somewhere in the URL.

If we're looking for platform consistency, the X is a feature that's given out to <input type="search">.

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New design work of this nature for Visual Editor isn't being prioritized at this moment.

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