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Reconcile UI with latest designs
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There have been some design changes to this product since the initial front-end code was written. Notable changes:

  1. UI no longer displays a list of multiple images, only one at a time
  2. Images now use a responsive "card" layout
  3. Behavior of selected/rejected/ignored label suggestions has changed (they no longer get split out into separate tracks)
  4. When a user taps/clicks on the image, the user will see it in MediaViewer or (if turned off in preferences) the FP
  5. Possible inclusion of a confirmation step before publishing

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I've been trying out different ways of linking out to the image's file page, in case users need to go there for whatever reason. It'd also be good for users to be able to "zoom" in on an image as well. We can feed two birds with one seed by using existing functionality: when a user taps on an image, that image opens in MediaViewer. This works really well on mobile web, because MediaViewer is an overlay, I believe. If MV is turned off, tapping on an image could just open the FP in a new tab.

@egardner I keep this ticket pretty up to date FYI: T214414

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All done!