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Get "edits hourly" on a daily basis
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JKatzWMF, Sep 3 2019


Currently, we release changes to our site and it can take up to 35 days to see the impact via the edits hourly table. It would be amazingly useful if we could see updates daily without writing custom script.

I recognize that the mediawiki history job is crunching 15 years of data, but perhaps we could reprocess a shorter period or less granular (the latest month or do daily counts instead of hourly) every 24hrs and stomach the impact on accuracy?

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In the future we would like to do this but right now the edits data is generated on a monthly basis.

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@JKatzWMF @Tnegrin this isn't feasible at the moment; moving to our icebox to reconsider in the future.

Hi! I just want to post here and say that since I've been using Turnilo, I definitely want this data to be updated more frequently -- even weekly would be a great improvement. My use case is that I check Turnilo to see how many suggested edits (based on edit tags) are being done in our target wikis.

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