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Reference adapted as empty with no apparent reason
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Translating a test example based on T199512#5049505 (EN->CA, using Google), I found several examples of references based on "Cite news" templates that are adapted as empty refrences. This is strange because the target template (Ref-notícia) is created but parameter mapping could not copy even the "url" parameter which has the same name in both cases:

Sep-09-2019 14-48-50.gif (332×640 px, 3 MB)

If the source template has a url parmeter, and CX finds the equivalent template which has also a url parameter, why is the informaiton not copied over? As part of this ticket we'll investigate why the template mapping is failing in this case and improve it.

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For future references, we can save time if following information is also present in bug report

  1. Does the issue happen for other MT engines as well or just one MT engine?
  2. Was there a js error in console while experiencing this issue?

Seems working fine now. Here is a video

Also verified in cxserver. The HTML snippet was adapted correctly using Apertium and Google

This may have been just a temporary glitch. I'll reopen with additional details if the problem reappears. Thanks for the investigation @santhosh