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Reading list endpoints do not take care of language variants properly.
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When saving an article to a reading list, it only allows saving the "project" to the reading list, which will produce the following bug:


If a user saves articles to a list:物联网

Both of them are having the same project and same title, but the "language variant" is different (zh-hant vs zh-hans).

If the app pulls out the reading lists entries from the server, the endpoint will have only one 物联网 entry for the user.

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cooltey created this task.Mon, Sep 9, 7:40 PM
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@cooltey: Assuming this task is about Reading List Service, hence adding project tag so others can find this task when searching for tasks under that project or looking at that project workboard.

Jhernandez triaged this task as Normal priority.Wed, Sep 11, 3:40 PM
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Hey @JoeWalsh @cooltey, can this wait a bit or is it urgent for your current work?

Jhernandez raised the priority of this task from Normal to High.Wed, Sep 11, 3:40 PM

Hi @Jhernandez

This can wait a bit until we merge this PR:

I think there is no large usage of having the same article with different language variants saved in the same list.


@cooltey I think we have all of them grouped under T227827: Language variant support for page content service and restbase services, let me know if I've missed one or add it yourself as a task. We'll bundle these and try to tackle them all at once when we get to it.