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Permissions to git-update staging civi for select FR-creative members
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I've been training up @TSkaff, @Pcoombe, @scervantes, and @CDenes_WMF to submit edits to the Thank You letter templates directly in the git repository.

This will replace the current process where we translate from wikitext to twig templates and do a bunch of regex manipulation of HTML to try to keep the tags balanced. That process was built to allow volunteers to translate the letters on-wiki, but we now pay translators.

In order to send test versions of the emails, and in the hopes of not requiring all of them to run a fully functioning instance of CiviCRM on their own machines, I was hoping to show them how to pull an unmerged change on to Civi staging. However, when @Pcoombe tried just cd'ing to the civi directory on frdev he got a permission denied error.

Would it be possible to allow the four people named in this ticket to manipulate the state of civi staging? Technically, they should just need write access to the .git directory (and subdirectories) and the sites/all/modules/thank_you/templates directory (and subdirectories).

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I don't think we should broaden access to civicrm staging if it is avoidable.

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