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This doc,, is an important page with too much information in one place. It includes how-to instructions for accessing wiki replicas via Toolforge, conceptual content about database structure, and code examples.

Main issues with this doc:

  • It's confusing that this page combines info about accessing the wiki replicas databases as well as user-created "toolsdb" databases.
  • It's too long! It combines how-to steps and reference information about database schema. Information about database layout also exists in
  • The language-specific code examples section contains some examples of connecting to toolsdb host, and some examples of connecting to the hosting cluster for replica dbs; it would be better to have examples for each host in each language, or only include examples in the sections for wiki replicas or toolsdb instead of in a big list at the end. Even though it's relatively simple to change the host address if you're copying and pasting, this just adds to the confusion on this page.
  • Check all code examples to verify they're still correct and runnable.

To fix this issue, I suggest breaking the Help:Toolforge/Databases page into separate pages for:

  1. How to create, connect to, and query tool databases (repurpose this existing page)
  2. What are the wiki replica databases, how are they organized, including layout and available/redacted tables. (repurpose this page) | (move in some content from
  3. How to access and query the wiki replica databases; connection example code and sample queries; things to be aware of when writing/running queries. (move all of this how-to type content out of aforementioned docs and in to; give the page a more accurate name).

Additional suggestions for specific improvements may be noted in the thread below.

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