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Welcome survey: modifications to the "Getting started with editing" box
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When we first deployed the welcome survey, we included a box on the screen that explains about editing Wikipedia and gives a "Tutorial" and "Help desk" link. We did this because we had no other features that helped newcomers find either of those things. Now that we have the help panel and newcomer homepage, we no longer want newcomers following those links -- we want them to complete the survey and find their homepage, where both those links exist.


But first, we want to figure out: How many newcomers click one of those two links? If this number is high, we might reconsider whether to remove these links. We might also learn that one of the calls to action is more compelling than the other. This is a question for @nettrom_WMF.

If/when we do remove the links, we should update the copy in the box to read: "Hundreds of changes are made to pages every hour to add content and correct mistakes. After creating your account, you'll be able to visit your homepage to get started with editing."

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@nettrom_WMF -- it would be great if you could take the first step here, and run the numbers of what percentage of users who see the survey click each of these links. I'm hoping that it's easy to get. It would also be helpful to split by wiki and by desktop/mobile. We only need to know this for users who got Variation A.

This is not urgent, because it does not block newcomer tasks.

@MMiller_WMF - regarding the second question, I think there is still some minor value in letting users know that they can edit here, and subtly introduce the homepage and tasks in the copy. Something like an improved version of the draft copy below:

image.png (398×546 px, 53 KB)

One way to get started is to go to your homepage (by selecting your username) where you can see suggested first edits.

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@RHo -- thanks, I wrote updated copy in the description.

@nettrom_WMF -- assigning this to you for when you can in this quick analysis.

nettrom_WMF added a project: Product-Analytics.
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I used the current dataset from EditorJourney (last 90 days). For each of the three wikis where the Welcome Survey is deployed, I count the number of views of the survey (rather than registrations, because users can go back to the survey and access the links), as well as the number of views of the Tutorial and Help Desk pages. For the latter two, I only count views that have source=survey in the request to identify views that originated from the Welcome Survey. I counted the Tutorial and Help Desk links separately, and also split between views on Desktop and Mobile as requested. Finally, I calculate % of clicks on these links relative to the number of views of the Welcome Survey. The results are as follows:

WikiDesktop/MobileSurvey viewsTutorial views% Tutorial clicksHelp desk views% Help Desk clicks

Reassigning this to @MMiller_WMF and moving to PM review as I believe my part of this task is now completed.

Thanks, @nettrom_WMF. This data validates that these links are not particularly popular. But it does look like the tutorial is more popular than the help desk, and it also looks like clicking on the links is more common on mobile than on desktop. Good to know.

Anyway, I think we should proceed with the work on this task, so I'm putting it into Upcoming Work.

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