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Clarify policy on family memberships
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Update our instructions and clarify a policy about when/how we allow family memberships (minors/non-minor members) do we want to use Sponsor instead?

We need a clarified policy in how we deal with a member who wishes to add someone else as a member.

  • In part this deals with someone wishing to pay someone elses fee
    • If done (using the family member mechanism) then the main member can then also see some info about the family members
  • In part it deals with someone saying someone else is a member without us checking if they accept this (may be ok for minors but likely not for adults).
    • For Minors do we have a cut of age (e.g. 14 when we would likely need their separate consent)

Discussion at the office and possibly raised to the board if a policy is needed.

Once decided this also needs a routine

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Familjemedlem Zynatic.png (995×1 px, 44 KB)

The same is shown when sending out an e-mail with %medlemsinfo%

As part of this I've also asked how the (not yet fully implemented) Sponsor functionality differs from family memberships in terms of what info they can see about each other.

A suggestion is that for any situation where one member wants to pay anothers (non-minor) members fee:

  • An e-mail is sent to each asking them to confirm (and describing any privacy issues). The e-mail incl. affirmative answers is kept in the memberlog and the arkiv-id is added to both of the members.