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Port IRCRecentChanges to Kafka
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In T185319 the Analytics team took ownership of the next developments of IRCRecentChanges. This task is meant to track the work to be done.

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Yesterday I had a chat with @faidon about this project and this is what I gathered:

  • we currently run a patched ircd daemon on kraz (role::mw_rc_irc in site.pp) that serves
  • bots join channels (like #enwiki, etc..) and listen for updates from rc-pmtpa, like recent changes feed, and take actions accordingly. There are ~264 clients using

Outstanding issues:

  • kraz runs Debian Jessie, so it needs to be upgraded to Stretch/Buster during the next months before Jessie's LTS deadline expires.
  • maintaining a patched ircd daemon is cumbersome and not scalable

Proposal from Faidon:

  • write a custom stateless daemon to run on Kubernetes based on
  • the daemon should be stateless and not sharing state
  • the daemon should offer a "sandbox" to each client/bot joining, offering a "private"-like IRC channel with only rc-pmtpa writing updates. In this way running the daemon on multiple pods in kubernetes wouldn't require to share state (like the list of connected clients, etc..)
  • the daemon should pull recentchanges from Event Streams, and feeding it to every channel/client.

The above is not mandatory but only a suggestion about how to proceed :)

elukey changed the task status from Open to Stalled.Oct 1 2019, 6:19 AM

As first step, we (Analytics) are going to create a quick design doc / one-pager about how the architecture should look like in T234234