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Create REST API example extension
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It would be helpful to have sample code for an extension that supports our new REST API. This would be useful not only to extension developers, but for internal documentation and discussion.

Create an example extension that exposes example REST API endpoints.

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BPirkle triaged this task as Medium priority.Sep 10 2019, 5:41 PM
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Could this be part of the Example extension? (However also see T156568)

@Aklapper , good idea, quite possibly it eventually should be. However, the REST API is still experimental and formative. For example, T232485 could still affect all routes. So I'd rather wait until it is a little more solid.

For now, I've posted a first cut on my personal github:

I'd like to add a few more endpoints to demonstrate things like query parameters, POSTs, etc. But this is at least a start and will hopefully be helpful to @apaskulin for writing documentation.

(Once this has happened it should probably also be added as an item in T225761: Document the REST API on

This seems done. If we want to enhance it further, let's do that in separate tickets.