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Newcomer tasks: homepage changes based on initiation (mobile)
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When the user initiates the suggested edits module, as described in T232419, the homepage modules change to make room for the suggested edits module. The start module also changes because a newcomer completed initiating the suggested edits module.

This task is about how the start module changes on mobile. Desktop is ticketed in T232420.

A separate task exists for the mobile preview card that appears on the mobile homepage after initiation: T235810


  • Once the user initiates the suggested edits module and completes the overlays, the submodule about suggested edits should remain in the start module. It should not disappear like on desktop.
  • The submodule should remain there with its icon becoming a green checkmark, just like the other modules in their completed state. Mockup here.
  • The submodule should also remain in the start module preview card on the homepage, but its header should change from "Start editing" to "See suggested edits".
  • The suggested edits module preview should appear immediately below the start module. Ticketed in T235810.

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