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iOS app login screen does not work with iOS 12 1password keyboard fill
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I had to login for the first time in a while in the iOS app and because my password is so complex, i tried to use the 1password iOS password fill from the keyboard.

Turns out, this doesn't work ;) That's a bit of a shame. Not sure if it is the same for the Keychain password function, but with security becoming ever more complex and people ever more reliant on password managers an integration like that should really work.

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@TheDJ I don't have any devices left on iOS 12 to test, but I did verify it's working for me with 1Password on iOS 13.1. Was it not showing the password at all or did it show the autofill option and not put it into the appropriate fields when tapped? Could you update the ticket with exact repro steps? Thanks

i had the user field selected and it did not fill the fields :(

let try to reproduce

I couldn't reproduce this on a device running 12.4.1, here's a gif of what the flow looked like for me -

GIF image-4C1B866E7030-1.gif (700×323 px, 2 MB)

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Pretty sure now this was limited to an older Testflight build I had installed.