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Civi: restore Find Matches using Fishing Net to pre-September update
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The Action: Find Matches using Fishing Net search is hanging for some DS agents. This search was actually very slow before the update and deserving of a Task for that, but here's what agent cid=34488457 saw today when trying to use it:

FMUFN2019-09-10.jpg (746×1 px, 148 KB)

It seemed to start to load results and then the triangle just spun and nothing loaded.

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@MBeat33 that rule was only ever planning to be used for finding matches for a single contact as it's uses fields that would create huge queries - it looks like you are using it to try to find contacts?

I did just try it on one contact & it was OK so if you are running it on just one contact & it's slow let me know the id

Thank you @Eileenmcnaughton we were using it to find contacts for a single CID. This feature is really helpful when we're handling bulk email complaints, or unsubscribing deceased donors, or opting out check donors from paper receipts - useful in many cases! I will add any CIDs that are slow/hanging here.

This issue has been solved, the ticket can be closed. TY!