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Add Wikimania related applications to Diarium 2019/Ansökningar 2019
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When doing some updating of the finances I spotred that the various applications and sponsorship agreements which are related to Wikimania are missing from Diarium 2019 and Ansökningar 2019 (either completely or the linked documents) on our wiki.

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This should also include any contracts (such as with Wenderfalck).

@Jopparn @Evelina-Bang-WMSE I'm sticking this in "this week" for you since I need these documents to be able to update our Burnchart amongst other things.

AS a note to myself. We should also update the budget with these (with the exception of the WMF volunteer coordinator grant all should be in WMSE-Exchange-of-Experiences-2019) and we should add them to wmse:Offentligt stöd while they are fresh in mind.

I've added everything I had marked for adding to Diarium now.

I think this is ready?

I think this is ready?

I've added everything I've been sent, but there might be thing I haven't been sent, like agreements with partners?
@Jopparn If you search for "Wikimania Sponsorship Trademark License" in your mail, there's an e-mail from me about it from September 19.

The Wikimania Sponsorship Trademark License does not need to be added to the Diarium 2019 as it was only meant as a text we could use to have our sponsors sign.

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Jopparn added a subscriber: Tore_Danielsson_WMSE.

@Tore_Danielsson_WMSE Tore, could you forward the emails to Evelina where our Wikimania partners agreed to pay to be official partners. We need to add the documents to the Diarium.

Done – I have sent the confirmation from Riksarkivet and the invoice (confirmed) sent to Musikverket. I have not been involved with the agreement with Musikverket.