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jstop and crontab
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When I add to my contab jstop before actual job submission I get message which says: "NOTE: some crontab entries have been modified to grid submissions. You may want to examine the result with 'crontab -e'."

When I look to my crontab I see jstop will be submitted to grid.

So my question, does jstop command and grid managing commands in general, really have to be ran on grid? Are they that resource heavy commands?

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Parsing all arbitrary crontab commands to decide if they are ok for local execution on the cron host or need to be run as a job is non-solvable problem with software.

You can use the jlocal command to mark things that you know for sure are safe for local execution on the cron server:

# m h dom mon dow command
0 5 * * 1 jlocal jstop ...